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amrita saigal

Making of an online advertisement

Conceptualization: In order to make a successful advertisement, it is essential to have a basic concept for the ad that needs to be published on the website. So the first step becomes the conceptualization. In a group, we all decided to make an online advertisement for a bathing soap. Everybody in the group came up with 10 different and new names that will suit a product like soap. Among those, best three were the finalized names of the product. These finalized names were Puroma, Femor and Colomix. This was absolutely a mental exercise.

Execution: After the conceptualization, it was the time to execute our ideas so as to get the final advertisement. In this stage, the group members finalized the punch lines for all the three soap brands. All the paper works were done in this stage.

Designing: This is most crucial stage in making of an advertisement. In this stage, the final ad was designed along with the placement of the punch line of the product on software called ‘Photoshop’. With the help of this software, the advertisement was resized according to the requirement of a website.

Publishing: Lastly, it was the time to publish the final designs of ads on the web. So, all the advertisements were finally published on the blog ‘Adz Madz’. 

The making of Movie-Anti Corruption

The movie on Anti Corruption named "Man V/s Wild" is a satire on the habits of mankind.

Conceptualisation: The characters are fictitious and the message is being delivered through animated characters like teddy bears. This makes the content powerful and leaves a direct impact on the audiences.

Story: The story revolves around a daughter of the politician and how she forgets her way back home and the head of a tribe in the jungle leads her to her home. This leaves the girl teddy happy and she is elated and asks tribal teddy to ask something in return. He desires a corruption free world. Then she shares a small story about her father and his corrupt politico attitude. This leaves the tribal teddy in awe and he wants the girl teddy to start cleaning up the world so that a mall is not created at his jungle.

Target Audience: Every age group.

Execution: The movie is created using a movie making software website "" where you type and select characters and your movie is created. This website allows you to share your movie at different social media platforms instantly.